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Attorney General's Committee on Administrative Procedure... in 3 books

[Administrative]. The Attorney General's Committee on Administrative Procedure. Monograph Series No. 1-27. Washington: Government Printing Office, [1940-1941]. 9 volumes in 3 books. Reprint W.S. Hein, 1998. New. USD 495. * This committee prepared twenty-seven studies of individual federal agencies. From these studies one may learn what the agencies are created to do, as well as the methods by which they operate. The series consists of the following: No. 1 The Division of Public Contracts, Dept. of Labor. The Walsh-Healy Act; No. 2 The Veterans' Administration; No. 3 Federal Communications Commission. 2 v.; No. 4 United States Maritime Commission; No. 5 Federal alcohol Administration; No. 6 The Federal Trade Commission; No. 7 The Administration of the Grain Standards Act. Department of Agriculture; No. 8 Railroad Retirement Board; No. 9 The Federal Reserve System; No. 10 Department of Commerce. Bureau of Marine Inspections and Navigation; No. 11 The Administration of the Packers and Stockyards Act. Department of Agriculture; No. 12 Administrative of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. Wage and Hour Division. Children's Bureau. 2v.; No. 13 Post Office Department; No. 14 Federal Control of Banking. Comptroller of the currency and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation; No. 15 War Department; No. 16 Social Security Board; No. 17 Railway Labor. The National Railroad Adjustment Board and the National Mediation Board; No.18 National Labor Relations Board; No. 19 The Civil Aeronautics Authority. 2 v.; No. 20 Department of the Interior; No. 21 United States Employees; Compensation Commission; No. 22 Administration of Internal Revenue Laws. Bureau of Internal Revenue. Board of Tax Appeals. Processing Tax Board of Review. 2v.; No. 23 Bituminous Coal Division. Department of the Interior. 2v.; No. 24 Interstate Commerce Commission. 2v.; No. 25 Federal Power Commission; No. 26 Securities and Exchange Commission; No. 27 Administration of the Custom Laws. United States Tariff Commission. Bureau of Customs, Department of the Treasury. 2v.

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