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Item #24731 Synopsis of the Law of Nations. Johann Wolfgang Textor.

Synopsis of the Law of Nations.

Textor, Johann Wolfgang [1638-1701]. Synopsis of the Law of Nations. Edited by Ludwig von Bar. Translation by John Pawley Bate. Washington: Carnegie Institution, 1916. Reprint. Buffalo. W.S. Hein, 1995. [xxvi], v, 349 pp. Hardcover. Tan buckram hardcover with black spine lettering. New. $195. * Carnegie Classics of International Law series. Originally published in 1916. Volume 2: The complete English translation of Textor's Synopsis Juris Gentium, originally published in 1680. Little known to the English-speaking world, "[o]ne can have no two opinions of the importance of the work. It forms, as it were, an antidote to the writers of the school of natural law of which Pufendorf is so eminent a protagonist. Textor...occupies an important place among the writers of the positive school." Marke 582.

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