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Item #61054 On the Art of Cross-Examination. Four Great Old Authorities Two. Dr. G. A. Serghides.

On the Art of Cross-Examination. Four Great Old Authorities Two...

Serghides, Dr. G.A. On the Art of Cross-Examination. Four Great Old Authorities Two Englishmen and Two Americans with Emphasis on Their Principles. With a Foreword by Dr. Demetrios H. Hadjihambis. x, 147 pp. Clark, NJ: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd., 2013. ISBN-13: 9781616193508; ISBN-10: 1616193506. Paperback. New. $29.95 * Serghides breaks down the writings of recognized English and American masters of trial advocacy Edward William Cox, William Ballantine, David Paul Brown and Henry Hardwicke into principles that offer specific guidance on cross-examination techniques. "As the book proceeds, the long-established and perfected principles and rules of cross-examination unfold with logical consistency and interrelation and are illustrated by simple and practical references, reminding us that what was obtained in older times is still as valid and relevant today." --Demetrios H. Hadjihambis, ix George A. Serghides is a graduate in law of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, with first class honours. He is a holder of a Ph.D. in law at the University of Exeter, U.K. as well as a holder of a doctorate law degree (Ph.D) at two other Universities, namely the national and Kapodistrian University of Salonica, again with first class honours. He passed the Cyprus Bar Exams with first class honours. He practiced law in Cyprus for some years and since 1990 has been a Judge and President of different Family Courts in Cyprus. Hi is also a Liaison Judge for Cyprus for the promotion of an international Judicial Network in matters of Family Law, especially on children. Dr. Serghides is a collector of rare books on advocacy, especially on cross-examination, and has one of the best private libraries in this area. Dr. Serghides' first book, written in Greek and published in Nicosia in 2007, is entitled The Technique of Cross-Examination, the Golden Rules of Cross-examination and Four Masters of Antiquity, two Greek (Socrates and Aristotle) and two Latin (Cicero and Quintilian).

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Book number 61054

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