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Item #16257 The History of Lawyers. Ancient and Modern. William Forsyth.

The History of Lawyers. Ancient and Modern.

A Spirited Account of Advocacy Forsyth, William. The History of Lawyers. Ancient and Modern. Originally published: Boston: Estes & Lauriat, 1875. Illustrated. xvii, 404 pp. Reprinted 1996, 2010 by the Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781886363144; ISBN-10: 1886363145. Hardcover. New. $35.95 * First published in 1849 in London under the title Hortensius: or, The Advocate, Forsyth's History of Lawyers is a spirited account of advocacy in ancient Greece, Rome, and England and of the bar in France. Acknowledging that "[w]e are too apt to cloth the ancients in buckram, and view them, as it were, through a magnifying glass, so that they loom before us in the dim distance in almost colossal proportions," Forsyth presents in familiar terms the language of the law and how advocates behaved. Frequently citing classical sources with his own translations, he describes in impressive detail such things as curious trials and the rights and obligations of counsel. Chapter headings include: The Athenian Courts; Advocacy in Ancient Rome; The Bar under the Empire and in the Middle Ages; The Noblesse de la Robe; The Honorarium; ad, Forensic Casuistry. William Forsyth [1812-1899] was an English lawyer and author of many works on law and literature, including History of Trial by Jury (1852).

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