Book #20465
Item #20465 Principles of Corporate Governance. 2 Vols. American Law Institute.

Principles of Corporate Governance. 2 Vols.

[Corporate Law]. Principles of Corporate Governance: Analysis and Recommendations. American Law Institute. 2 Volumes. 427; 477 pages. Hardcover. 1994, New. $153. * These volumes comprise the Institute's first extended treatment on the Law of Corporate Governance. Examines the duties and responsibilities of directors and officers of business corporations to both the corporations and their shareholders. It consists of introductory notes, rules of law in the American Law Institute's (ALI) standard black-letter format, corporate practice recommendations in a special gray-letter format, and comments, all of which express ALI views. It also includes Reporter's Notes, which reflect the views of the Reporters and describe sources they considered relevant. Includes the objective and conduct of the business corporation, the structure of the corporation, the duty of care and the business judgment rule, the duty of fair dealing, the role of directors and shareholders in transactions in control and tender offers, and corporate remedies.

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Book number 20465

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