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Item #21235 The Black Book of the Admiralty with an Appendix Monumenta Juridica. Sir Travers Twiss.

The Black Book of the Admiralty with an Appendix Monumenta Juridica...

The Origins of Maritime and International Law [Twiss, Sir Travers]. The Black Book of the Admiralty, with an Appendix. Monumenta Juridica. Edited by Sir Travers Twiss. Originally published: London: Longman & Co., 1871. Four volumes. 4, xciii, 491, [2]; 4, lxxxvii, 500, 31; 4, lxxxvi, 673, [1], 31; 4, clii, 559, 32 pp. Reprinted 1998, 2011 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781886363397. ISBN-10: 1886363390. Hardcover. New. $210. * The earliest records of the court of Admiralty portray the origins of maritime law. Due to the court of Admiralty's jurisdiction over commercial contracts and foreign trade, they also record the origins of modern international law. Collected by an official of the Admiralty during the reign of Henry VI, The Black Book of the Admiralty contains documents from many sources. It includes regulations regarding the criminal jurisdiction of the Admiralty, the rights of the crown, the Admiralty droits, material relating to rights, wages, prizes, merchant contracts, collisions and inquests, a tract on the ordo judiciorum illustrating the court's model from civil rather than common law procedure and the inquisition taken at Queensborough in 1375. This edition also contains the laws of Oleron with eleven additional rules and an appendix of documents that includes the statutes of Richard II and Henry IV concerning Admiralty jurisdiction. Sir Travers Twiss [1809-1897] was Professor of Political Economy in the University of Oxford, Professor of International Law in King's College, London and Regius Professor of Civil Law at Oxford. In 1862 he was appointed Advocate-General to the Admiralty, and in 1867 Queen's Advocate-General, the same year he was knighted.

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