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Item #26038 The Lawyer in Literature. John Marshall: John H. Wigmore Gest, intro.

The Lawyer in Literature

Gest, John Marshall. The Lawyer in Literature. Introduction by John H. Wigmore. Originally published: London: Sweet & Maxwell, Limited, 1913. xii, 249 pp. Reprinted 1999 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781886363908; ISBN-10: 1886363900. Hardcover. New. $29.95 * An elegant discourse on the law and lawyers found in Dickens, Balzac, Scott, Coke and others. A fascinating section examines the historical method of the study of law as illustrated by the law of Master and Servant. With an interesting preface by Wigmore which expounds on literature's practical value to lawyers. By the author of the highly regarded The Old Yellow Book, which examined Browning's poem "The Ring and the Book" and the actual facts of the case and the legal arguments offered. John H. Wigmore, in the introduction notes, "the best literature -- drama or poetry, philosophy or fiction -- must always be an arsenal for the lawyer." Marke, A Catalogue of the Law Collection of New York University (1953) 1142.

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