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Unjust Enrichment. A Study of Private Law and Public Values.

Dagan, Hanoch. Unjust Enrichment. A Study of Private Law and Public Values. [New York]: Cambridge University Press, [1997]. xiv, 195 pp. Hardcover. New. $90. * Provides a sophisticated comparative analysis of the doctrine of unjust enrichment in international, North American, and Jewish legal systems. Dagan offers an explanatory theory that reveals the normative underpinnings of the doctrine, facilitates the prediction of legal outcomes, and supplies the necessary tools for evaluating existing legal rules. The theory of unjust enrichment is seen to be implicated in the prevailing background ethos of the societies he studies, and deeply influenced by their conceptions of self and community. "Hanoch Dagan's new book on unjust enrichment is the best in the field in many years. It reflects Professor Dagan's sure mastery of all the relevant doctrine and his understanding of contemporary methods of philosophic and economic analysis. In applying these new methods to the old doctrines, Dagan has illuminated this important area of law in an original and highly provocative way." Anthony T. Kronman, Yale Law School.

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Book number 26091

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