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The Historical Foundations of the Law Relating to Trade-Marks. Frank I. Schechter.

The Historical Foundations of the Law Relating to Trade-Marks

Schechter, Frank I. The Historical Foundations of the Law Relating to Trade-Marks. Originally published: New York: Columbia University Press, 1925. xxviii, 211 pp. Reprinted 2000, 2012 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584770350; ISBN-10: 158477035X. Hardcover. New. $39.95 * What is the exact nature of the right to a trademark? What is the basis of relief in trademark cases of unfair competition? Schechter unravels these problems as he traces the development of the law of trademarks from medieval times to the early twentieth century. Considered to be "...invaluable for starting scholarly research." Marke, A Catalogue of the Law Collection of New York University (1953) 869. "Mr. Schechter has turned up much interesting and hitherto unpublished material concerning the use of guild and artisans' marks in the Middle Ages in England. His chapter (V) on 'The Development of Trade Mark Law in the Cutlery Trades,' is particularly valuable and contains matter not before in print. It makes understandable the reference to registers of the cutlers' companies in the English Trade Marks Act of 1875. --Edward S. Rogers, Michigan Law Review 24 (1925-1926) 98 Frank Isaac Schechter [1890-1937] received the first doctor of jurisprudence degree given by Columbia University. He was a practicing attorney and authority on trademark law. His father was Solomon Schechter, a Biblical scholar who was the president of the Jewish Theological Seminary and the founder of the United Synagogue of America.

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