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Item #26854 Limitations on the Treaty-Making Power Under the Constitution. Henry St. George Tucker.

Limitations on the Treaty-Making Power Under the Constitution...

Tucker, Henry St. George. Limitations on the Treaty-Making Power Under the Constitution of the United States. Originally published: Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1915. xxi, 444 pp. Reprinted 2000 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584770152. ISBN-10: 1584770155. Hardcover. New. $28.95 * An interpretation of relevant cases and the opinions of legislators and judges to support Tucker's argument for strict limitations on treaty-making power. With table of cases and index. Contents: 1. Views and opinions of authors and statesmen on the treaty power of the constitution. 2. Opinions of judges, federal and state, on the treaty making power, from decided cases. 3. The treaty power under the Articles of Confederation. 4. Treaty power under the Constitution. 5. Analysis of the views of Charles Henry Butler. 6. Cases of Chirac v Chirac, Hauenstein v Lynham and others. 7. Ware v Hylton. 8. The claim of supremacy of the treaty power over the House of Representatives analyzed. 9. The treaty power in its obligations to foreigners. 10. Relation of the treaty-making power to the police power. 11. Report of J Randolph Tucker on the Hawaii treaty. 12. Japanese-California controversies. 13. Limitations of the treaty making power. Tucker [1853-1932], a congressman from Virginia, was the grandson of Henry St. George Tucker, author of Commentaries on the Laws of Virginia. In Congress he was known for his opposition to women's suffrage and his support of states rights.

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