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Item #28276 The Comic Blackstone [with][Anstey's] The Pleader's Guide. Gilbert Abbott A'Beckett, John Anstey.

The Comic Blackstone [with][Anstey's] The Pleader's Guide.

The Lighter Side of Blackstone A'Beckett, Gilbert Abbott. The Comic Blackstone [And] [Anstey, John]. The Pleader's Guide, A Didactic Poem by John Surrebutter; American edition by James L. High. With illustrations by George Cruikshank. Originally published: Chicago: Callaghan & Cockcroft, 1870. xii, 376, 57, 65 pp. Reprinted 2000 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584771043; ISBN-10: 1584771046. Hardcover. New. $29.95 * The Comic Blackstone is a whimsical farce patterned after the Commentaries divisions of persons, property, private and public wrongs. Not in Eller, The William Blackstone Collection in the Yale Law Library. The Pleader's Guide is a humorous poem in two parts that originally appeared in London in 1796. This edition is a reprint of an uncommon American edition that included both titles in one book. Laeuchli, A Bibliographical Catalog of William Blackstone 457.

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