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A Penal Code Prepared by the Indian Law Commissioners and Published. Thomas Babington Macaulay.

A Penal Code Prepared by the Indian Law Commissioners and Published...

[Macaulay, Thomas Babington]. A Penal Code Prepared by the Indian Law Commissioners, and published by Command of the Governor General of India in Council. Originally published: London: Pelham Richardson, Cornhill, 1838. viii, 138 pp. Reprinted 2002, 2020 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584770183. ISBN-10: 158477018X. Hardcover. New. $23.95 At the time this code was drafted, Great Britain's Indian colonies were governed by the private East India Company. In many cases, its regulations concerning criminal acts conflicted with Muslim law, law Hindu law and English common law. In 1834 the company established an Indian Law Commission to address this situation through the creation of a penal code. This commission was directed by Macaulay [1800-1859], a British colonialist, Member of Parliament and author of many renowned works, including the History of England. Written mostly by Macaulay, the commission's code was deeply influenced by the works of Jeremy Bentham, Edward Livingston and the Code Napoleon. This volume is a reprint of the London reprint of the Calcutta edition of the original text issued by the Indian Law Commission, October 14, 1837.

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