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Item #28869 Divorce and Divorce Legislation Especially in the United States. Theodore D. Woolsey.

Divorce and Divorce Legislation Especially in the United States.

Woolsey, Theodore D. Divorce and Divorce Legislation, Especially in the United States. Originally published: New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1882. x, [9]-328 pp. Reprinted 2001 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584771180; ISBN-10: 1584771186. Hardcover. New. $34.95 * Reprint of the revised second edition. Woolsey presents his viewpoints on divorce legislation with extensive statistical support for his view that, with the exception of the statutes enacted in the state of New York, the United States courts are careless in their execution of divorce legislation. He also questions their adherence to Christianity. His views on the decline of divorce legislation are supported by a scholarly examination of the roots of divorce law in Hebrew, Greek and Roman law, the doctrine of divorce as portrayed in the New Testament and in the Christian Church, and in Europe since the reformation. First published in 1868, this second edition revision includes new material in the chapter on divorce legislation in the United States that brings it up to date at the time of publication. Woolsey [1801-1889] was a theologian, educator and scholar, a professor of classical studies whose knowledge thereof informs this work. He was also President of Yale University for twenty-five years during which the University enjoyed growth and advancement in many areas. See Dictionary of American Biography X:519-520.

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