Book #29703

Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated. Odd/Misc. vols. $20. each

Nevada Revised Statutes Annotated. Lexis Law Publishing. Odd/Miscellaneous volumes available. New. Please inquire to for complete details. Publisher's Price USD 57.50 Special USD 20.00 Each. * The following volumes are available: Vol. 1: Chapters 0-22, Constitution- Civil Practice (1998); Vol. 3A: Chapters 97-108, Commercial Transactions; Mortgages Deeds of Trust; Other Liens (1994); Vol. 4A: Chapters 132-167, Wills and Estates; Guardianships and Trusts (1993); Vol. 13: Chapters 462-477, Gaming- Fire Protection (1994); Vol. 19: Chapters 688A-712, Insurance- Public Utilities (1998).

Price: $20.00

Book number 29703

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