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Item #30762 Shakespeare's Legal Acquirements Considered. Baron John Campbell.

Shakespeare's Legal Acquirements Considered.

Originated the Supposition that Shakespeare Had a Legal Background Campbell, Baron John. Shakespeare's Legal Acquirements Considered. Originally published: London: John Murray, 1859. vi, 117 pp. Reprinted 2001 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584771265; ISBN-10: 1584771267. Hardcover. New. $23.95 * Reprint of first edition. Campbell's treatise on the law as found in the literature of Shakespeare is from a letter to J. Payne Collier but is here organized into chapters by play title. He also examines Shakespeare's sonnets and his will from a legal viewpoint. "In this essay he collected all of the clear and unmistakable legal phrases, terms, and allusions scattered through Shakespeare's plays; arranged and compared them; and came to the conclusion that they furnished unequivocal evidence that Shakespeare possessed that amount of legal knowledge, and especially that acquaintance with the most common legal terms and technical phrases, which would naturally be acquired by an intelligent and observing clerk in the office of a practicing attorney." 3 West Coast Reporter 581 1884. See Holdsworth, A History of English Law 15: 415.

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