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Item #30764 Constitutional History of the United States from Their Declaration. George Ticknor Curtis, Joseph C. Clayton.

Constitutional History of the United States from Their Declaration...

Curtis, George Ticknor and Joseph Culbertson Clayton. Constitutional History of the United States from their Declaration of Independence to the Close of the Civil War. Originally published: New York: Harper & Brothers, 1889, 1896. 2 Volumes. xiii, 774; x, 780 pp. Reprinted 2002 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584771296; ISBN-10: 1584771291. Hardcover. New. $95. * Curtis [1812-1894] was a prominent New York patent attorney whose interest in Constitutional matters led to the publication of two works on the subject. Of this, arguably his most important, DAB praises it as "...likely to remain standard. This work is the classic treatment of the Constitution from the Federalist, Websterian point of view." Dictionary of American Biography II:614. Volume I is a revised edition of his first, highly-regarded work on the subject, History of the Origin, Formation, and Adoption of the Constitution of the United States that was originally published in 1854 and often cited by the Supreme Court. Volume II was edited posthumously from the author's notes, covers the period from the adoption of the Constitution to the close of the Civil War and includes a substantial appendix. The appendix includes numerous historical documents such as The Provisional and Final Constitutions of the Federal States, various anti-slavery tracts published circa 1833, an Analytical Index to the Constitution of the United States and the Amendments thereto, a Bibliography of the Constitution compiled and annotated by Paul Leicester Ford in 1896, which incidentally praises this work: "The two volumes constitute the most convenient apparatus for the study of the Constitution." Each volume is thoroughly indexed.

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