Book #32474
Item #32474 American Jurisprudence 2d. Miscellaneous Vols. Priced per book. Thomson Reuters West.

American Jurisprudence 2d. Miscellaneous Vols. Priced per book

American Jurisprudence 2d. Thomson Reuters West. Miscellaneous volumes available. Ex-library with stamps, else very good. Without pocket part supplements. Publisher's Price USD 2,508.00 each Special $195.00 Each. * This record contains the following available volumes: 3(x3); 4(x2); 5(x3); 6; 7; 8A(x2); 9; 10; 11; 12; 17A(x2); 18(x3); 18A(x2); 19; 22; 22A(x3); 23(x5); 24A(x2); 25(x3); 27(x2); 27A(3); 29(x4); 29A(x4); 30(x4); 31(x3); 31A(x3); 32A; 37A; 38; 40(x2); 40A; 41; 43; 44; 45; 45A; 45B(x3); 45C(x3); 46(x3); 47(x4); 48(x3); 48A(x3); 49(x4); 50(x5); 52; 53(x3); 53A; 55(x2); 56(x2); 57(x3); 57A(x3); 57B(x4); 58(x5); 59; 59A(x5); 60(x3); 60A(x4); 61(x5); 62(x3); 62A(x5); 62B(x5); 63B(x2); 63C(x2); 64; 66(x2); 67(x4); 67A(x4); 68A(x3); 69(x4); 69A(x3); 70(x2); 70A; 71; 72; 75A; 75B(x2); 76(x2); 77(x3); 78(x5); 79(x5); 80(x5); 81; 82(x5); 83(x4).

Price: $195.00

Book number 32474

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