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Item #34364 The Development of International Law. Sir Geoffrey Butler, Simon Maccoby.

The Development of International Law.

"One of the Most Valuable Contributions to the History of International Law" Butler, Sir Geoffrey and Simon Maccoby. The Development of International Law. Originally published: London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1928. xxxv, 566 pp. Reprinted 2003, 2010 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584772156; ISBN-10: 1584772158. Hardcover. New. $59.95 * Writing in the Yale Law Review, J.P. Bullington observes that "[t]he most striking feature about this work is the method of treatment--quite the most effective which has yet been employed in dealing with the subject. Believing that the changes in international law have been the reflection of changes in the political theory and practice of states, the author has divided his work into three major periods--the Age of the Prince, the Age of the Judge, and the Age of the Concert... Based on a wide knowledge of history filtered through an objective and realistic brain, this book must take its place as one of the most valuable contributions to the history of international law." Yale Law Review 38:843 quoted in Marke, A Catalogue of the Law Collection at New York University, (1953) 566.

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