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Jimutavahana's Dayabhaga. The Hindu Law of Inheritance in Bengal. Ludo Rocher.

Jimutavahana's Dayabhaga. The Hindu Law of Inheritance in Bengal

Rocher, Ludo, Editor and Translator. Jimutavahana's Dayabhaga: The Hindu Law of Inheritance in Bengal. Edited and Translated with an Introduction and Notes. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002. 440 pp. Hardcover. ISBN-10: 0195138171; ISBN-13: 978-0195138177. New. Publisher's Price USD 180. Special $40. * "This elegant edition and translation of a difficult Sanskrit legal text is noteworthy not only for scholars of Indian dharmasastra, but for scholars of religion as well."--Religious Studies Review. "A welcome arrival for those interested in the history of thought in India. A work of profound learning that is universally accessible."-- Chicago South Asia Newsletter. This is a translation of a 12th-century Sanskrit legal text, with the original text. The Dayabhaga was one of the most important texts in the history of Indian law. The text, fairly late and inspiring little attention, is important because the British elevated it to such prominence in their new colony in the early 19th century. It was known as the authority on inheritance and significant aspects of family law for the eastern Indian region. The case law and scholarship that surround this text have shaped Indian personal law right up to the present day.

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