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Item #36540 Bartolus on the Conflict of Laws. Joseph H. Beale.

Bartolus on the Conflict of Laws.

Beale, Joseph Henry. Bartolus on the Conflict of Laws. Translated into English by Joseph Henry Beale. Originally published: Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1914. 86 pp. Reprinted 2003 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584772941; ISBN-10: 1584772948. Hardcover. New. $65. * Probably the first doctrine on the conflict of laws, this is a portion of Bartolus' commentary on Justinian's Code and its glosses, his Super Primam et Secundam Partem Codicis Commentaria. Copied often in manuscript, it appeared in print in 1471. It takes into account local customs and statutes, and contains what may be the first clear recognition of the principle that the lex loci governs the validity of a legal act. Bartolus also appreciated the distinction between laws effective only within the territory and laws that might have operation outside the territory, a distinction that assumed great importance in later continental writings on the subject. One of the great medieval commentators, Bartolus di Sassoferrato [1313-1357] was a professor of law at the University of Perugia. His authority as an expositor of Roman law was immense, and it endured for centuries. A practical lawyer, Bartolus attempted to derive principles suitable to his time from the accumulated layers of local, feudal and Roman law.

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