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Item #36565 A Treatise on the Law of Idiocy. First American edition from the. Anthony Highmore.

A Treatise on the Law of Idiocy. First American edition from the...

Highmore, A[nthony]. A Treatise on the Law of Idiocy and Lunacy. First American from the Last London Edition. To which is Subjoined an Appendix, Comprising a Selection of American Cases; in which some Important Subjects of this Treatise Have Been Investigated and New Principles Settled. Originally published: Exeter, N.H.: George Lamson, 1822. x, 194 pp. Reprinted 2003 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584772668; ISBN-10: 1584772662. Hardcover. New. $70. * First published in London in 1807, this was one of the first studies devoted exclusively to the subject. It deals with legal definitions of lunacy, the disabilities of lunatics, asylums and their regulation by statute, the nature of criminal insanity, and precedents regarding the treatment of lunatics before the law for various crimes. Highmore [1758-1829] was an English barrister and legal writer. A socially progressive individual, active opponent of the slave trade and a supporter of hospitals and other public improvements, his commitment to humane values is evident in this treatise.

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