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Item #36571 The Law of Animals. A Treatise on Property in Animals Wild and the. John H. Ingham.

The Law of Animals. A Treatise on Property in Animals Wild and the...

The First Treatise on Animal Law Ingham, John H. The Law of Animals: A Treatise on Property in Animals Wild and Domestic and the Rights and Responsibilities Arising Therefrom. Philadelphia: T. & J.W. Johnson & Co., 1900. xiii, 800 pp. Reprinted 2003 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584773245 ISBN-10: 1584773243. Attractive Smyth-sewn green cloth bound hardcover with gilt stamped spine and front cover. New. $125. * Reprint of the sole edition. According to the author, this was the first treatise devoted to the subject of animal law. It discusses the rights and liabilities of animal owners, cruelty to animals, game laws and injuries inflicted by railroads. Other chapters consider animals in relation to the law of property and the law of bailments. The thorough index includes words and phrases utilized in animal law cases. Contents include: Property in Animals: Wild and Domestic Animals; Transfer of Property: Sale and Mortgage, Estrays; Rights of Owners of Animals: Injuring, Killing, Theft and Removal of Animals; Injuries to Animals on Highways; Liabilities of Owners: Animals Trespassing and Running at Large, Impounding, Diseased Animals, Nuisances, Racing, Vicious and Ferocious Animals; Bailment and Carriage; Cruelty-Game Laws; Injuries to Animals by Railway; and more.

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