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Item #36593 The Loeb-Leopold Case with Excerpts from the Evidence. Alvin V. Sellers, Loeb-Leopold.

The Loeb-Leopold Case with Excerpts from the Evidence.

Sellers, Alvin V. The Loeb-Leopold Case with Excerpts from the Evidence of the Alienists and Including the Arguments to the Court by Counsel for the People and the Defense. Brunswick, Ga.: Classic Publishing Co., 1926. 321 pp. Reprinted 2003 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584773382; ISBN-10: 1584773383. Hardcover. New. $75. * Reprint of first and only edition. The Loeb-Leopold case was one of the most fascinating and sensational trials of the twentieth century. On May 21, 1924, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb confessed to the thrill killing of fourteen-year old Bobby Franks. Clarence Darrow led their defense team. Robert Crowe, the prosecutor, was an equally skillful adversary. What is more, both attorneys called "alienists" to the stand who offered conflicting assessments of the defendants' mental states. Though their guilt was beyond question, Darrow hoped to save them from the electric chair. His successful twelve-hour plea, one of the greatest courtroom speeches in history, moved the presiding judge to tears. This chronicle includes extensive excerpts from the court transcript and the complete speeches of the attorneys and "alienists."

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