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Item #36982 Tracts Written by John Selden of the Inner-Temple, Esquire. The. John. New Introduction Steve Sheppard Selden.

Tracts Written by John Selden of the Inner-Temple, Esquire. The...

With a New Introduction by Steve Sheppard Selden, John. Tracts Written by John Selden of the Inner-Temple, Esquire. The first Entituled, Jani Anglorum Facies Altera, rendred into English, with large Notes thereupon, by Redman Westcot, Gent. The Second, England's Epinomis. The Third, Of the Original of Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions of Testaments. The Fourth, Of the Disposition or Administration of Intestates Goods. The Three last never before Extant. Originally published: London: Printed for Thomas Basset at the George in Fleet-Street, and Richard Chiswell, 1683. 9" x 12." [xxxiii], 131; [7], 39; [4], 24 pp. With a new introduction by Steve Sheppard, William Enfield Professor of Law, University of Arkansas School of Law. Reprinted 2006 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584774082. Hardcover. New. $195. * Reprint of first edition. In three parts; each part has separate title page; the last two tracts form the third part. The first two tracts, Jani Anglorum (The Reverse or Back-Face of the English Janus) and England's Epinomis, discuss the development of the common law and the English constitution through Magna Charta. Holdsworth regards Selden "as the first scientific historian of English law" and goes on to say that "his great intellectual qualities justify us in regarding him both as the pioneer of the select band of English legal historians, and one of the most eminent of its representatives.": The Historians of Anglo-American Law 50-51.

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