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The Rights of War and Peace, in Three Books: Wherein are Explained...

A Highly Regarded Translation Grotius, Hugo. The Rights of War and Peace, in Three Books: Wherein are Explained, The Law of Nature and Nations, and The Principal Points Relating to Government. Written in Latin by the Learned Hugo Grotius, And Translated into English. To which are Added, All the Large Notes of Mr. J. Barbeyrac... Originally published: London: Printed for W. Innys [et al.], 1738. xvi (iii-xvi new introduction), xxxvi, 817 pp. With a new introduction by William E. Butler, Pennsylvania State University Dickinson School of Law, University College London, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Folio, 9" x 14." Reprinted 2004, 2015 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584773863; ISBN-10: 1584773863. Hardcover. New. $225. * This is considered to be the "best edition" of a landmark work on law and government by Hugo Grotius [1535-1645] (Lowndes, Bibliographer's Manual of English Literature, Rev. ed. III, 950). First published in Paris in 1625, it established the system of modern public international law, based on the concept of "droit naturel," a morality-based law that superseded the personalities of individuals or nations. These ideas influenced the American Revolution, whose leaders often cited Grotius. This edition features the notes of J. Barbeyrac described by Marvin as desirable. In his research William E. Butler has determined, "In the absence of evidence to the contrary, on the balance of probabilities it seems plausible that the entire 1738 version, including the Barbeyrac notes, may be attributed to John Morrice alone, inclusive of any adjustments he may have made to the original contributions of his associates to the 1715 version." (Introduction, iii) With index. "No legal work ever enjoyed a more widely extended reputation, and none ever exercised such a wonderful influence over the public morals of Europe." J. G. Marvin, Legal Bibliography 353. HUGO GROTIUS [1583-1645] a pre-eminent contributor to international legal doctrine, was an influential Dutch jurist, philosopher, and theologian.

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