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Item #38143 A Treatise of Commerce. John. George Burton Hotchkiss Wheeler.

A Treatise of Commerce.

Wheeler, John. A Treatise of Commerce. Edited With an Introduction and Notes by George Burton Hotchkiss. Originally published: New York: The New York University Press, 1931. xi, 484 pp. Reprinted 2004 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584773955; ISBN-10: 1584773952. Hardcover. New. $49.95 * Published in 1601, this treatise is an unabashed work of propaganda on behalf of the Merchants Adventurers of England, an international trading company. Written by the company's secretary, John Wheeler [fl. 1601-1608], it is the earliest important example of corporate publicity. Moreover, it offers a detailed picture of business organizations and public-private partnerships during the Elizabethan era and glimpses of such personalities as Burghley, Cecil (the younger) and Queen Elizabeth. This book contains a facsimile of the rare first edition, as well as an unabridged critical edition by Hotchkiss, with detailed notes and an extensive introduction.

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