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White Paper on the Labor Market in Italy....

Blanpain, Roger, Editor. White Paper on the Labour Market in Italy, The Quality of European Industrial Relations and Changing Industrial Relations. Bulletin of Comparative Labor Relations, Volume 44. The Hague: Kluwer Law International, 2002. viii, 234 pp. Softbound. Fine. Publisher's Price $92. Special $60. * At the time of his brutal murder in March 2002, Marco Biagi was working with Italian legislators to find ways and means of bringing innovative proposals in his field of expertise, labor and industrial relations, to productive fruition. The White Paper, to a large extent the work of Biagi himself, was commissioned by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and first presented to the government in October 2001. The other collaborative work included in this volume, The "Europeanisation" of Industrial Relations and Changing Industrial Relations are among Professor Biagi's last writings. At the core of these deeply committed studies lies a direct and positive response to the violent clash between the modern European heritage of social security and the unstoppable onset of globalization.

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Book number 38655

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