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Item #39335 The Leaders of the Old Bar of Philadelphia. ISBN 1584774231. Horace Binney.

The Leaders of the Old Bar of Philadelphia. ISBN 1584774231

Binney, Horace. The Leaders of the Old Bar of Philadelphia. Originally published: Philadelphia: [H.B. Ashmead], 1866. 120 pp. Reprinted 2004 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584774235; ISBN-10: 1584774231. Hardcover. New. $95. * Reprint of the privately printed 1866 edition which was limited to 100 copies. Horace Binney [1780-1875] began his practice in 1800 and was the undisputed leader of the Pennsylvania bar during the mid-nineteenth century. He was also an accomplished poet and scholar. This book explores the period between the onset of the American Revolution and the early 1800s through profiles of its leading figures, William Lewis [1752-1819], an early abolitionist, legislator and member of the state constitutional convention, Edward Tilghman [1750-1815], a formidable courtroom lawyer, and Jared Ingersoll [1749-1822], a judge and member of the 1787 Constitutional Convention. Interesting in themselves, these studies are special because they reflect Binney's proximity to his subjects and their era. It is evident throughout that Binney drew on information shared by older members of the bar and individuals who knew Lewis, Tilghman and Ingersoll.

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