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Item #39941 In Re Shakespeare's "Legal Acquirements": Notes by an Unbeliever. William C. Devecmon.

In Re Shakespeare's "Legal Acquirements": Notes by an Unbeliever...

Devecmon, William C. In Re Shakespeare's "Legal Acquirements": Notes by an Unbeliever Therein. Originally published: New York: The Shakespeare Press, 1899. iii, 51 pp. Reprinted 2005 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584774396; ISBN-10: 1584774398. Hardcover. New. $23.95 * The large number of sophisticated legal references in Shakespeare's work and his association with the Inns of Court led many to conclude that he was once a barrister, clerk or law student. This idea took root in the late eighteenth century and reached fruition in such works as Shakespeare A Lawyer (1858) by William L. Rushton and Shakespeare's Legal Acquirements Considered (1859) by John Campbell (both are available as Lawbook Exchange reprints). Devecmon refutes this view, arguing that the Bard's knowledge was that of a well-read layman. "Mr. Devecmon boldly announces himself a disbeliever in the lawyer theory, and his little book is a strong argument on that side. It shows careful research, is written in terse, vigorous style, and exhibits much legal learning." 60 Albany Law Journal 241 1899-1900.

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