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Item #40890 New Commentaries on the Laws of England. 4 Vols. Henry John Stephen.

New Commentaries on the Laws of England. 4 Vols.

A Sequel to Blackstone Stephen, Henry John. New Commentaries on the Laws of England (Partly Founded on Blackstone). Originally published: London: H. Butterworth, 1841-1845. 4 volumes. Folding table. xxvi, 588; xii, 622; xii, 744; x, 572 pp. Reprinted 2005 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584774938. ISBN-10: 1584774932. Hardcover. New. $150. * Reprint of the uncommon first (London) edition. New Commentaries is an exposition of English law that preserves Blackstone's topical arrangement and the sections from his text that were still relevant in Stephen's day. (These are set off with square brackets.) A successful work, it went through twenty editions by 1938. In the Dictionary of National Biography Dicey observed that "in reality it was an original production, differing essentially in character and merit from his predecessor. (...) Stephen showed the qualities in which Blackstone was comparatively deficient--consummate logical power and singular precision and accuracy of style. Had the work been published as an original treatise, it would have stood upon a level with Blackstone's work" (XVIII:1047). Laeuchli, A Bibliographical Catalog of William Blackstone 511.

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Book number 40890

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