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Federal Judicial Code Revision Project 2004

Federal Judicial Code Revision Project. Reporter: John B. Oakley, University of California at Davis School of Law, Davis, California. American Law Institute, 2004. xxxiii, 673 pp. Cloth. New. $62.50 * The Institute in 1969 published its Study of the Division of Jurisdiction Between State and Federal Courts. In 1994 it finished work on the Complex Litigation Project and published Complex Litigation: Statutory Recommendations and Analysis. The Federal Judicial Code Revision Project is the Institute's third major work on the jurisdiction of the federal courts. This work reconsiders three subjects within Title 28 of the United States Code: supplemental jurisdiction, venue, and removal. As to each, the goals are clarity, simplification, and intelligent public policy. It is hoped that these proposed statutory improvements will be considered by Congress, but even if Congress takes no action, the proposals should provide valuable guidance to judges and lawyers dealing with the statutory law of jurisdiction as it now stands.

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Book number 41005

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