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Legal Laughs: A Joke for Every Jury. Reprint.

Edwards, Gus C. Legal Laughs: A Joke for Every Jury. Edited with New Introduction and Supplemental Index by J. Wesley Miller. Clarkesville: Legal Publishing Company, [1915]. Reprint. W.S. Hein, 1993. liii, 437 pp. Cloth hardcover. New. $25. * Organized by subject, these jokes are very much of their time; many are "politically incorrect" by today's standards. Here's an example that can be shared in mixed company: "Father," asked the little son, "what is a lawyer"? "A Lawyer"? Well, my son, a lawyer is a man who gets two men to strip for a fight and then runs off with their clothes.": 269.

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Book number 42487

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