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Item #42929 Common Sense in Law. Sir Paul Vinogradoff.

Common Sense in Law.

Vinogradoff, Sir Paul. Common Sense in Law. New York: Henry Holt and Company, [n.d.] 1914. 256 pp. Reprinted 2006 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584776536. ISBN-10: 1584776536. Smyth-sewn in attractively bound maroon cloth with gilt stamped spine and front cover. New. $45. * This title by Sir Paul Vinogradoff [1854-1925] is a sophisticated introduction to jurisprudence. It is notable for its sociological interpretation, which was then a recent idea in Anglo-American jurisprudence. "We know very few short books, and not many books on a larger scale, so well fitted to give lay people a just notion of the spirit of modern law, and, what is not less important, to encourage practising lawyers in maintaining a liberal and dignified view of their profession.": Frederick Pollock, Law Quarterly Review 30 (1914) 236. This book was written for the Home University Series. These layman's guides are notable because several were written by distinguished authors.

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