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Item #43230 Opera Omnia... The Complete Works... 3 Vols. in 6 books. Complete set. John. David Wilkins Selden.

Opera Omnia... The Complete Works... 3 Vols. in 6 books. Complete set.

Selden, John. Opera Omnia, Tam Edita Quam Inedita. Collegit ac Recensuit; Vitam Auctoris, Praefationes, & Indices Adjecit, David Wilkins. Originally published: `London: Guil Bowyer [Volume One]; S. Palmer [Volume Two]; T. Wood [Volume Three], 1726. 3 Vols. in 6 books. 10" x 16." Complete set. Portrait frontispiece by George Vertue after P. Lely. with text illustrations and ornaments. Text in double columns. Vols. 1-2 Latin; Vol. 3 English. xiv (new introduction and table of contents), x, xxxiv, lvi, 757 cols.; vi, 765-1892 cols., lxxx; xviii, 860 cols.; 861-1721 cols., [xliv]; [x], 1058 cols.; 1069-2081 cols., [xxxviii] pp. Reprinted 2006 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. With a new introduction "The Works of John Selden: An Introduction for the American Reader" by Steve Sheppard, William Enfield Professor of Law, University of Arkansas School of Law. Hardcover, [with] (1) searchable DVD for the entire set. ISBN-13: 9781584776703; ISBN-10: 1584776706. New. $1,495. * DVD available separately at USD 1,395. Reprint of the first collected edition which was limited to 750 sets, edited, with preface, index and life of the author, by Dr. David Wilkins. Collects all of the major legal treatises and antiquarian studies of one of the greatest figures in English legal history. Among the titles included are De Anno Civili Veteris Ecclesiae Judaicae Dissertatio, De Diis Syris, Dissertatio ad Fletam, Mare Clausum, Epistolae & Poemata, Titles of Honour, Uxor Ebraica, The History of Tythes, Of the Judicature in Parliament, Speeches and Arguments and Table Talk. This set is notable also for its handsome layout and typography, which features Roman, Italic and Hebrew type created for Bowyer by William Caslon. In Printing Types Updike refers to it as Bowyer's "greatest achievement" and as "a stupendous piece of work" (II:102, 136-137).

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