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Item #43579 Revision of the Statutes of New Jersey 1877. New Jersey. Paul Axel-Lute, New Introduction.

Revision of the Statutes of New Jersey 1877.

[New Jersey]. Revision of the Statutes of New Jersey. Published Under the Authority of the Legislature by Virtue of an Act Approved April 4, 1871. Trenton: John L. Murphy, 1877. With a new introduction and new original material by Paul Axel-Lute by Paul Axel-Lute, Collection Development Librarian, Rutgers School of Law Library, Newark. xii, xxxiii, [1556] pp. Reprinted 2005 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584776741; ISBN-10: 1584776749. Hardcover. New. $350. * The Revision of 1877 satisfied an 1871 act of the Legislature to "revise, simplify, arrange, and consolidate" all the general and permanent public statutes of New Jersey." It is valuable today chiefly as a tool for tracing the history of legislation. As Axel-Lute observes in his introduction, "[t]here are nearly seven hundred current sections in New Jersey Statutes Annotated for which the oldest source cited in the historical note is the Revision of 1877. To trace these sections back to earlier sources, the researcher must use marginal notes and enactment date information in the 1877 work" (iii). In addition to his informative introduction, Axel-Lute has added a detailed table of contents, a feature that wasn't included in the original work.

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