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Item #43890 Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy. Charles A. Beard.

Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy.

Beard's Interpretation of Jeffersonian Democracy Beard, Charles A. Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy. Originally published: New York, Macmillan Co., 1915. ix, 474 pp. maps. Reprinted 2007 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584777014; ISBN-10: 158477701X. Hardcover. New. $110. * Reprint of the first edition. One of America's greatest and most versatile historians, Beard [1874-1948] was especially interested in the relationship of economics and politics. His 1913 study An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, though often disputed and partially discredited, is among the most important and influential studies of the U.S. Constitution ever written. Intended as a sequel, Economic Origins of Jeffersonian Democracy applies the argument of his first book to the political history of the United States from the ratification period to the end of the Jefferson administration. Like his other work it is broad in scope and considers the influence of social and cultural developments. It is an excellent source for students interested in the extra-legal background of early American law.

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