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Item #44990 French Administrative Law and the Common-Law World. Bernard Schwartz.

French Administrative Law and the Common-Law World

Schwartz, Bernard. French Administrative Law and the Common-Law World. Introduction by Arthur T. Vanderbilt. Originally published: New York: New York University Press, 1954. xxii, 367 pp. Reprinted 2006, 2011 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584777045; ISBN-10: 1584777044. Hardcover. New. $59.95 * Reprint of the sole edition. Schwartz provides a masterly exposition of administrative law through a comparative study of the French droit administratif, arguably the most sophisticated Continental model. As Vanderbilt points out in his introduction, this is an important field that involves much more than administrative procedure. It deals directly with some of the most crucial issues of modern government regarding the distribution of power between governmental units, the resulting effect on the freedom of the individual and on the strength and stability of the state. "[T]his book represents a significant achievement.... Unlike so many volumes that roll off the press these days, it fills a real need; and, though perhaps not the definitive work in English on the subject, it fills it extremely well.": Frederic S. Burin, Columbia Law Review 54 (1954) 1016.

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