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Item #45014 Writings of Levi Woodbury... Political, Judicial and Literary. 3 Vols. Levi Woodbury, Nahum Capen.

Writings of Levi Woodbury... Political, Judicial and Literary. 3 Vols.

A Notable Justice of the Taney Court Woodbury, Levi [Nahum Capen, Editor]. Writings of Levi Woodbury, LL.D.: Political, Judicial and Literary. Now First Selected and Arranged. Originally published: Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1852. Three vols. Two portrait frontispieces. xiv, 640; vi, 436; vi, 449 pp. Reprinted 2008 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584777038. ISBN-10: 1584777036. Hardcover. New. $100. * These three volumes collect most of the political, judicial and literary writings of Levi Woodbury [1789-1851], an important New Hampshire jurist and statesman. Appointed by President Polk to fill the vacancy created by the death of Joseph Story, he was an associate justice in the Taney Court from 1846 to his death in 1851. He usually sided with the majority during his tenure, but his strong sympathy for states' rights provoked occasional dissents. He was generally proslavery, and usually supported the majority's decisions on the contract clause. Although his influence was minimized by his brief tenure, he was admired for his acute legal mind and sound reasoning. This reissue of his writings gives us a fine opportunity to reevaluate the assessment of his peers and enrich our understanding of the Taney Court.

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