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Item #45020 Fugitive Slaves and American Courts: The Pamphlet Literature. 4 Vols. Paul Finkelman.

Fugitive Slaves and American Courts: The Pamphlet Literature. 4 Vols.

Finkelman, Paul, Editor. Fugitive Slaves and American Courts: The Pamphlet Literature. Edited with a New Introduction by Paul Finkelman. New York: Garland Publishers, 1988. 4 Vols. 2,428 pp. Illustrated. Reprinted 2007, 2013 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. Set ISBN-13: 9781584777403. Set ISBN-10: 1584777400. Hardcover. New. $395. * 56 Pamphlets reprinted in facsimile, in 4 volumes, with a New Introduction by Paul Finkelman: 1. In the Court for the Correction of Errors. Jack, a Negro Man, Plaintiff in Error, Against Mary Martin, Defendant in Error. Case on the Part of the plaintiff in Error. New York, 1834. [37] pp. 2. Report of the Case of Charles Brown, a Fugitive Slave, Owing Labour and Service to Wm. C. Drury, of Washington County, Maryland. Decided by the recorder of Pittsburgh, February 7th, 1835. Pittsburgh, 1835. 56 pp. 3. Opinion of Chief Justice [Joseph G.] Hornblower, on the Fugitive Slave Law. 7 pp. 4. Maryland. General Assembly. House of Delegates. Report of the Committee on Grievances and Courts of Justice Relative to the Surrender of Fugitives From Justice, Made to the House of Delegates of Maryland. December session, 1841. 15 pp. 5. Argument of Mr. Hambly, of York (PA.) in the Case of Edward Prigg, Plaintiff in Error vs. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Defendant in Error: in the Supreme Court of the United States. Baltimore, 1842. 36 pp. 6. An Article on the Latimer Case. From The March Number Of the Law Reporter. Boston: 1843. 18 pp. 7. House. No. 41. February 1843. Joint Special Committee of the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Massachusetts, to Whom Was Referred the Petition of George Latimer. 33 pp. 8. Proceedings of the Citizens of the Borough of Norfolk, on the Boston Outrage, in the Case of the Runaway Slave George Latimer. Norfolk, 1843. 20 pp. 9. Salmon Portland Chase. The Address and Reply on the Presentation of a Testimonial to S.P. Chase by the Colored people of Cincinnati. Cincinnati, 1846. [36] pp. Please contact us for a complete list of titles contained in these four volumes. Reprinted from the series Slavery, Race and the American Legal System, 1700-1872, this set contains facsimiles of 56 rare pamphlets relating to court cases involving fugitive slaves. As in the companion set, Southern Slaves in Free State Courts, some pamphlets were part of the public debat.

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