Book #46445

Am Jur Trials. Odd/Misc. Vols. with 1980 supplements

American Jurisprudence Trials (Am Jur Trials). Lawyers Cooperative Publishing. Odd/Miscellaneous Vols. available. Ex-private law firm library, else very good. Please inquire to for complete details. Publisher's Price USD 300.50 Special USD 50.00 Each. * This record contains vols. 8; 10-20; 22; 24-28 with 1980 pocket parts. Comprehensive lawyer-to-lawyer guides to winning settlements and trials from thousands of legal experts. The first six volumes provide general coverage of complete trial procedure, both civil and criminal, from client interview to instructing the jury and predicting personal injury verdicts and damages. The balance of the set provides articles covering specific topics which include general theories of law, initial case intake, review of evidence, expert witnesses, pleading and discovery, settlement, and trial considerations.

Price: $50.00

Book number 46445

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