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Item #50227 Slavery, Race and The American Legal System: 1700-1872 16 Vols. SERIES. Paul Finkelman.

Slavery, Race and The American Legal System: 1700-1872 16 Vols. SERIES

Invaluable Series of Source Documents Dealing With Slavery and Race Finkelman, Paul, Editor. Slavery, Race and the American Legal System: 1700-1872. A Sixteen Volume Facsimile Series Reproducing Over One Hundred and Seventy Rare and Important Pamphlets. Originally published: New York: Garland, 1988. 16 Volumes. 8,118 pp. With a new Preface for each series by Paul Finkelman. Reprinted 2007, 2013 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. Series ISBN-13: 9781584778127. Series ISBN-10: 1584778121. Hardcover. New. Complete series $1,195. * The set contains 7 series: I Southern Slaves in Free State Courts: The Pamphlet Literature; II Fugitive Slaves and American Courts: The Pamphlet Literature; III Abolitionists in Northern Courts: The Pamphlet Literature; IV Statutes on Slavery: The Pamphlet Literature; V Free Blacks, Slaves, and Slaveowners in Civil and Criminal Courts: The Pamphlet Literature; VI The African Slave Trade and American Courts: The Pamphlet Literature; VII Slave Rebels, Abolitionists and Southern Courts: The Pamphlet Literature. "[The volumes in this series] belong in every library used for research, and in particular at all law school libraries. They will prove valuable to historians, lawyers, law teachers and students, and all persons interested in the problems of slavery and race in American experience.": William M. Wiecek, American Journal of Legal History 33 (1989) 187.

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