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Investigation of Concentration of Economic Power. Monograph No. 5

Investigation of Concentration of Economic Power. Temporary National Economic Committee. A Study Made Under the Auspices of the Bureau of Labor Statistics for the Temporary National Economic Committee, Seventy-sixth Congress, Third Session, Pursuant to Public Resolution No. 113 (seventy-fifth congress), authorizing and directing a select Committee to Make a Full and Complete Study and Investigation With Respect to the Concentration of economic power in, and financial Control Over, Production and Distribution of goods and services. Monograph No. 5 Industrial Wage Rates, Labor Costs and Price Policies. Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1940. xxvi, 172 pp. Softbound, worn, minor pencil markings throughout. $5. * 76th Congress. 3d Session.

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Book number 50370

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