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Item #51573 Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen. 4 Vols. in 3 books. Complete set. Felix Liebermann.

Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen. 4 Vols. in 3 books. Complete set.

"Liebermann's Edition has Superseded all Others" Liebermann, Felix. Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen. Originally published: Halle a. S., M. Niemeyer, 1903-1916. 4 Volumes, in 3 books. lxii, 675; viii, 758; [6], 356 pp. ISBN-13: 9781584778363. ISBN-10: 1584778369. Reprinted 2007, 2014 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. Hardcover. New. $195. * Text in Anglo-Saxon, Latin and German. "Liebermann's edition has superseded all others; and has gone a long way towards providing us with a complete text of the materials for the history of English law both before the Conquest, and also of that confused period which lies between the Conquest and the reign of Henry II. (.)For this edition Liebermann examined about one hundred and eighty manuscripts in more than forty libraries in England and on the continent. He does not content himself with giving us a single text. He gives us in parallel columns the texts of all the leading manuscripts of the Anglo-Saxon laws, in the notes are divergent readings, and, on the opposite page, are passages from the post-Conquest literature based on these laws. As Maitland says, the book looks like the full score of an opera.' And, in addition to the texts, Liebermann has given us an account of the former editions, a dictionary of Anglo-Saxon and Latin words, a subject glossary, introductions to, and a commentary on, the laws. The book is thus far more than a text of the Anglo-Saxon laws and Anglo-Norman law books. The texts are explained; and, in the glossary, the material is not only collected under appropriate headings, it is systematically arranged in the form of concise essays, which contain many relevant references to other Germanic bodies of law, and to other Anglo-Norman sources. It is, as Professor Hazeltine has said, one of the finest products of the new historical school of the nineteenth century.": Holdsworth, The Historians of Anglo-American Law 127-128.

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