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Item #51785 Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws Foreign and Domestic in Regard. Joseph Story, Melville M. Bigelow.

Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws Foreign and Domestic in Regard...

The Final Edition of the First Systematic Treatise on the Conflict of Laws Story, Joseph. Bigelow, Melville Madison, Editor. Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws, Foreign and Domestic, in Regard to Contracts, Rights, and Remedies, and Especially in Regard to Marriages, Divorces, Wills, Successions, and Judgments. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1883. xxxix, 901 pp. Reprinted 2008 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584778455. ISBN-10: 1584778458. Hardcover. New. $69.95 * Reprint of the eighth and last edition. Along with William Kent, Joseph Story [1779-1845] shares the distinction of having had the greatest influence on American law during the nineteenth century. Marvin considers Story's Conflict of Laws to be the first systematic work on the subject. Story collected material from all available sources, and systematized it in a manner useful to all practitioners. "No work on international jurisprudence merited, nor received, greater praise from the jurists of Europe. It impressed English lawyers with the highest respect for the extensive learning of Mr. Justice Story.": Marvin, Legal Bibliography (1847) 670-671.

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