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Item #52143 Shakespeare's Legal Maxims. William Lowes Rushton.

Shakespeare's Legal Maxims.

The Bard's Legal Maxims Rushton, William Lowes. Shakespeare's Legal Maxims. Originally published: Liverpool: Henry Young & Sons, 1907. 61 pp. Reprinted 2008 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584778592. ISBN-10: 1584778598. Smythe sewn cloth bound hardcover. New. $19.95 * Rushton, a barrister of Gray's Inn, was one of the first to argue that Shakespeare was trained as a lawyer, a claim he advanced in Shakespeare a Lawyer (1858), Shakespeare's Testamentary Language (1869) and Shakespeare's Legal Maxims (1859). Maxims demonstrates "the poet's correct use of law terms, and intimate acquaintance with legal customs and tenures, and the lex scripta, than by his extensive and profound knowledge of the maxims of the English law" (13-14). Rushton reviews these maxims, by which he means fundamental points, and illustrates each with a quotation from Shakespeare. Each example is paired with a statement by Coke, Littleton, or other eminent jurist that was either a direct source or proof that Shakespeare was expressing a contemporary legal principal. Whether or not you accept Rushton's thesis, his book offers an excellent selection of quotations on the primary topics of the common law.

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