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Restatement of the Law Trusts Third. Vol. 3

[Trusts]. Restatement of the Law Trusts 3d. Vol. 3. Sec. 70 to 92. American Law Institute Publishers, July, 2007. xxvi, 474 pp. Hardcover. New. $150. * This new volume covers trustee powers and duties. It also includes an updated version of the Prudent Investor Rule volume published in 1992. Topics Include: general duties; duty of prudence; duty of loyalty; duty of impartiality; duty with respect to delegation; duty to furnish information to beneficiaries; extent and exercise of trustees' powers. In the Restatement tradition, this volume combines clear black-letter provisions with extensive explanatory Comments, clarifying Illustrations, and detailed Reporter's Notes. The volume is further enhanced by tables of cases and statutes, parallel tables showing corresponding Restatement Third and Restatement Second section numbers, a table of cross-references to the West Digest System and ALR annotations, and an index.

Price: $150.00

Book number 52384

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