Book #52857

United States Patents Quarterly 1st. Cum. Dig. odd/Misc Vols

United States Patents Quarterly [1st]. Cumulative Digest Vols. Washington: Bureau of National Affairs. Ex-library, Moderate shelf wear. Please inquire to for complete details. Publisher's Price USD 225.00 Special USD 50.00 Each. * This record contains: Cumulative Digest Vols. 1-25, 26-37, (bound) 52-91 no. 3 & 4, 92-111 no. 1 & 2, 112-131 no. 1, 132-151 no. 1(loose binding), 152-171 no. 2, 172-191 no. 1, 192-211 no. 1 & 2. Anual Digest(paper issues) V. 212-231 in 5 issues. series of the premier research tool on Intellectual Property law and indispensable in a patent library. Unique in that it prints many "manuscript" decisions which are nowhere else published. These Patent Office decisions are not printed in the Commissioner's decisions, but are often referred to by the examiners.

Price: $50.00

Book number 52857

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