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Item #52893 A Treatise on Military Law and the Jurisdiction, Constitution, and. Rollin A. Ives.

A Treatise on Military Law and the Jurisdiction, Constitution, and...

Military Law and the Lessons of the American Civil War Ives, Rollin A. A Treatise on Military Law and the Jurisdiction, Constitution, and Procedure of Military Courts, with a Summary of the Rules of Evidence as Applicable to Such Courts. Originally published: New York, D. Van Nostrand, 1881. vii, 460 pp. Reprinted 2008 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584778844; ISBN-10: 1584778849. Hardcover. New. $45. * Reprint of the second edition, the final authorial edition. "The Law Military has undergone many changes in this country since the year 1860. Some of these changes have been of a radical character, introducing many new features into the administration of military jurisprudence. The relation of the military to the civil power has also, during the same time, received much attention. These considerations would of themselves abundantly explain the raison d'etre of a new work on military law. It supplies a want that has long been felt. But, besides this, military law has grown in importance, more persons being affected by it, and powers having been vested in military courts which they have never held before. That this is felt to be the case is shown by the increased facilities for acquiring it which the government affords him. At the U.S. Military Academy a professorship and an assistant professorship have been established for this purpose. (...) [Ives' treatise] is intended as a text-book in a course on military law, as well as for use throughout the army; and, in my opinion, he has met with marked success in adapting it to his purposes.": From the Preface by Guido N. Lieber, Professor of Law at West Point and the son of Francis Lieber. Ives [1849-1881] was an artillery officer and Assistant Professor of Law at West Point.

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