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Item #53702 Of Corporations, Fraternities, and Guilds: Or, A Discourse, Wherein. William Sheppard, d. 1675?

Of Corporations, Fraternities, and Guilds: Or, A Discourse, Wherein...

The First English Treatise on Corporations Sheppard, William. Of Corporations, Fraternities, and Guilds: Or, A Discourse, Wherein the Learning of the Law Touching Bodies Politique is Unfolded, Shewing the Use and Necessity of that Invention, The Antiquity, Various Kinds, Order and Government of the Same. Necessary to be Known not Only of All Members and Dependants of Such Bodies; But of All the Professours of Our Common Law. With Forms and Presidents, of Charters of Corporation. Originally published: London: Printed for H. Twyford, T. Dring, and J. Place, 1659. [6], 187, [1] pp. Reprinted 2009 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584779216. ISBN-10: 1584779217. Hardcover. New. $65. * Reprint of the only edition of the first English treatise on the laws governing corporate bodies. The first six sections define types of corporations and their component parts. The following three sections discuss charters, "what ordinances a corporation may make" and "the nature of a corporation." The final part of the book is a collection of forms. Among the corporations discussed are two established by the Rump Parliament: The Norwich Weavers and The Corporation for the Propagation of the Gospel in New England. Active in the Protectorate, where he was Cromwell's legal advisor, Sheppard [d. 1675?] aimed to reform the common law. Ahead of his time in many ways, some of his proposals anticipate changes that were adopted in the nineteenth century. His work was well-received and deeply influential. Some of his books, most notably The Touchstone of Common Assurances (1648), were standard authorities into the nineteenth century.

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