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Item #53873 Every Man His Own Broker; or, A Guide to the Stock-Exchange. Thomas Mortimer.

Every Man His Own Broker; or, A Guide to the Stock-Exchange...

How to Be Your Own Broker Mortimer, Thomas. Every Man His Own Broker; or, A Guide to the Stock-Exchange. In Which the Several Classes of the Public Funds, Commonly Called the Stocks, are Distinctly Explained ... With an Appendix, Containing Exact Lists Of the Holidays--Payment of Dividends--Expences of Transacting Business in the Funds--Miscellaneous Information: And Directions to Strangers to Find Their Way Readily to the Different Offices at the Bank, South-Sea, And India Houses. London: W.J. and J. Richardson, 1801. xxiv, 257 pp. Plus Appendix and fold-out frontispiece "Table of Equation." Reprinted 2009 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584779315; ISBN-10: 1584779314. Attractive smyth-sewn cloth hardcover. New. $85. * Reprint of the 13th edition considerably improved. This popular guide was first published in 1761 and was later translated into German, Dutch, French and Italian. It appeared at a time when Great Britain was codifying its position as the most sophisticated commercial empire in the world. At the time of the eleventh edition stock in the East India Company held an allure comparable to shares in internet start-ups in the mid-1990s. As his lengthy sub-title title suggests, Mortimer [1730-1810] was critical of brokers and hostile toward speculators and jobbers. However, his detailed advice offers one of the best accounts of stock trading in the second half of the eighteenth century.

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